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Competition Prep
Competition Prep

Accessory List

CLICK HERE for this years accessory requirements.

Team Makeup

Please be sure to have all team makeup and know how to apply it!  Be sure that you bring all of your makeup to competition for any changes or touch ups.

Click here for DPPT Competition Makeup

Click here for Makeup Application Video

Team Hair

Click here for DPPT Competition Hair


Make sure you have everything you might need for hair changes, cuts and headaches, sewing emergencies, etc.

Click here for Caboodle Packing List

Accessory List

Click here for this year's Accessory list

New Team Parent FAQ

For our newer team parents, here are all the answers to the questions you might be having your first season on team.

Click here for New Team Parent FAQ

Arrival Time

Leave ample time to travel to the venue. The Dance Plus Performance Team policy states that you arrive to the venue one and a half (1 1/2) hours before your scheduled dance. There are instances when the competitions run early.  Arriving 1 1/2 hours before your scheduled dance is usually an adequate cushion so as not to miss your dance. Upon arrival, be sure to check in with Joede, she is usually positioned at an obvious centralized location. Checking in will allow us to account for you, enable you to be apprised of any updates and direct you to the dressing room area.


Dressing Rooms

At each competition, a dressing room is provided for all dancers. Signs will indicate where the designated Dance Plus dressing room is. Most dancers set up their bags or Dream Duffels in the dressing room at the beginning of each day of competition and leave it there to accommodate any necessary quick changes. Snacks, meals and drinks are sometimes available, but it is a good idea to bring water and snacks of your own. Just be sure to refrain from bringing anything into the theater/auditorium as most of them prohibit them. At the end of each day be sure to dispose of your trash in the appropriated manner. Keeping the Dance Plus area presentable and organized is the best way to assure that items are not misplaced during the competition and not left behind when the competition is over.



During competition award ceremonies dancers wear their team attire, including the team tank, jacket, and team pants or black leggings. DPPT members sit together as a team on stage during all award presentations and applaud, cheer and support each other and other teams. DPPT members must demonstrate the standard of manners, sportsmanship, and professionalism to which all teams should strive. This is not just an expectation, it is a point of pride.


Photos and Video

There is absolutely no photography or videoing of competition dances. Anyone attempting to do so are usually approached in a very obvious manner and asked to stop. Furthermore,  most competitions list in their rules and regulations in one way or another that “…ANY DANCE BEING PHOTOGRAPHED OR VIDEOED WILL BE DISQUALIFIED WITH NO REFUND…” If you truly want to capture memories simply take your photo ops outside of the ballroom/theater, during the award presentations or consider the professional photographs and videos available for purchase at every competition. There are occasionally competitions that only accept cash for payment for photos/videos. If we attend one of these competitions we will make you aware of such details prior to attending.


Competition Conduct

Competition Prep and Conduct May Be Different Due to COVID-19 Policies

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