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Preschool Program

Dance Plus has been teaching students as young as 2 1/2 years old for over 31 years. Our Preschool classes are specifically designed to provide an introduction to the basics of movement relative to the discipline (i.e. Baby Ballet, Tiny Tap, Hip Hop, Junior Jazz, Tiny Tumblers) with equal focus on education and fun for children. Our award winning approach (NJ Excellence) develops the students' coordination, creativity, social, and emotional development. Class content focuses on the vocabulary, etiquette of classical ballet, while exploring the elements through creative movement and other dance forms.


Try one of our Baby Ballet classes that incorporates 30 minutes of Ballet followed by 30 minutes of either Tap, Jazz or Hip Hop or a class that combines 30 minutes of Tumbling with 30 minutes of Hip Hop.  We also offer an Intro to Dance Class that includes 20 minutes each of Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop and a full hour of Tiny Tumbling.


During the summer we also offer half day themed camps for our preschoolers filled with dancing, crafts, treats, and lots of fun!

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