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Community Outreach

The Pulse, a dance dedicated to the shooting victims at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando, was chosen to perform at the professional Bailar al Sol Festival 2017, an international dance festival held at the House of Independents in Asbury Park.

A Touch of Pink, a dance dedicated to all breast cancer patients and survivors,  receives a nomination for 2016 Industry Dance Awards - Outstanding Performance, People's Choice and is performed at Mary's Place by the Sea. 

The Persson Dance Ensemble performs Fix You for the Southern Ocean Medical Cancer Survivors and Caregivers Picnic.

Hopes & Prayers by Dance Plus was inspired by the very personal perspective of the performers in the piece. It was created through a process of sharing their thoughts, discussing their impressions and allowing movement to grow organically in the rehearsal sessions. The spoken words in the audio are the voices of the dancers in the piece and their hopes and prayers.

For over 30 years, Dance Plus/PDE of Little Silver  has been a highly awarded dance studio for both children and adults.  Dance Plus embraces the philosophy that dance can teach, entertain, and even heal.

Since the deadly 1999 Columbine High School shooting, more than 214,000 have experienced gun violence.  Never Again  was inspired bu these tragedies.

Dance Plus participated in the life-changing Adopt-a-Village Program.

The Dance Plus Performance Team is honored to be invited to be part of the Little Silver Memorial Day Ceremony.  They perform "Down Together" a dance inspired by the personal account of a helicopter pilot from Vietnam and shared with Joede Persson. 

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