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Year End Production...
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This is the place to stay informed of all matters concerning our end-of-year production. If you are new to the studio you may be curious to our chosen theme for our show. It is our absolute pleasure to showcase our students (your children) and all they have learned during the year in the best manner possible, but we also want you to be entertained throughout the afternoon when watching children who are not yours. A theme running through the show does this quite effectively. If you do not already know (or haven't guessed by this very pink page) the theme for this year is Barbie. Throughout the show you will notice dances inspired by the movie and the Barbie "culture" we have watched evolve. Some of dances have been conceived and choreographed specifically for the Barbie theme and will be performed by students who have elected to participate in these "extra parts.'

If you are one of the dancers in Extra Parts click on the link to access rehearsal footage. 


Visit this page often as we will update accordingly. 


The official Ticket Sales day is Saturday, 11 May 2024. Refer to the SEATING CHART to make sure that you are reserving seats with the best view of your dancer(s). Tickets will be available at the theater, but can only be purchased with cash, check, Venmo or Zelle.


Tap on the link to access the online program for Barbie 2024. If you want a physical program to hold in your hands simply download it at your convenience. Otherwise it is viewable on any smart devise.





We are currently working on this guide for you. This guide is vital to your ability navigate the preparations for the show, Dress Rehearsal and Show Day. Look for the links throughout the document to further enhance its effectiveness


CLICK HERE for the accessory list for this year's show. Here you will find the day and time for your class and you will find the name of your dance (just in case you didn't know it), Next you can double check that you have all the necessary details for hair, make-up, tights, shoes, etc.


This year our student production is being held at the Rumson-Fair Haven High School Theater. Click on the above link for directions driving directions from Dance Plus. There is dedicated parking area for the facility, but  be sure to plan your commute with ample time to find parking.


Dress Rehearsal will be run at Dance Plus in Studio C. This is the last opportunity teachers will be able to tweek the dancers' performance and the last chance for them to have any questions answered. CLICK HERE for the dress rehearsal schedule.


During the show we use a very specific procedure to guiding and chaperoning the students as they migrate from their seats, to the stage and back. 

  1. ​Five (5) dances BEFORE their dance they should be brought to the lobby where there is a staging for area for them (this is also the cue for one (1) person in your group to prepare to head down to video row if you want to video their performance)

  2. As the show progresses they will be led backstage to perform

  3. When their performance is done they will be led back to the staging area where they were originally dropped off. THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE THEY CAN BE PICKED UP. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL THEM OUT OF LINE AT ANY OTHER POINT AND BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR LANYARD CLEARLY DISPLAYED*

* - Lanyards can be picked up at Dress Rehearsal or the front desk

  • The will have your children's name

  • You must have this lanyard for them to be released to you

  • Return the lanyard after your child's last dance is complete


Picture Day is Saturday, 04 May 2024. CLICK HERE for the schedule. It can be a long day, but certain steps can taken to ensure a smoother process:

  • Refer to the Accessory List for details about your costume(s)

  • Be early to double check with your teacher AND classmates that your costume, hair, shoes, tights, accessories are accurate

  • IMPORTANT: When it is time for your little dancer to have their picture taken, leave it to the photographer to capture the moment. Screaming out to them, waving and other distractions only serve to disrupt and delay the process. Your children are accustomed to taking instruction when at the studio and the photographer is extremely capable. You will LOVE the photos!

  The photos of your amazing children rom Picture Day are now available. CLICK HERE for the site and then enter the access code. The access code is:



You can also text the access code to:


Enjoy free shipping for any orders over $40.00. Just use the coupon code:


If you have any questions about how to view your photos or how to purchase your photos CLICK HERE for the flyer directly from the photographer.

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