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Performance Team

The primary focus of the Performance Team has always been to actively participate in Community Outreach events. It is our belief that while dance can entertain, it can also teach and it even heal. Our team is different from others in that our main focus is not in collecting trophies and medals for our dancing, but giving back with our dancing. We are proud of the DPPT and their rich history of presenting high caliber choreography to audiences of a great variety, some of whom may not even know that they have an appreciation of dance and the depth to which dance can explore as an art form. As students and young people, DPPT members will not only grow a very healthy resume of community service hours for school, but they also gain a greater awareness of current events, humanity and compassion for others.


The Dance Plus Performance Team holds auditions each year in May by invitation. Rehearsal and choreography takes place in the summer, and rehearsals continue September through March on Saturdays.


Each year our award-winning team participates in four dance competitions, as well as numerous events which offer opportunities to support and give-back to the community.  


Feel free to reach out to express interest and learn about all the benefits of being part of our Performance Team. 

Want to get a glimpse of our amazing Performance Team in action?

View a quick montage of our dances from this past year!

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