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Rehearsal Recordings

If your choreographer has elected to record the rehearsal process this is where recorded footage of your rehearsals will be found. Remember, dances have been choreographed, rehearsed and performed for centuries WITHOUT the availability of video. Nothing replaces the effectiveness of diligent rehearsal. Your memory and your body will best remember choreography if you just dance as you learn (not to mention is simply just FUN!). 

If you go on a pre-approved vacation, if you have a medical issue, if you have an audition or are visiting colleges, etc. you will not miss what is worked on in rehearsals. These are posted for your convenience and can be accessed anywhere in the world where you have internet capability and will enable you to stay current with your choreography. If you know what's trending on TikTok, know your choreography and never, NEVER, say words like these, "I don't know that part because I wasn't here." 😊

Your dances are really coming along so keep up the good work. Pay attention to all the details you can recognize and practice at PERFORMANCE LEVELS. This will actually help you remember better and get you ready for the stage sooner. Go Team!!

Rehearsal Videos



C5| lift

C5| counts


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